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You don’t need to wait weeks for CVs and mass-text people on LinkedIn. Instead, you can immediately start chatting with top talents who are waiting to hear from you.

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The Ultimate Talent Hub

Find the most suitable candidates for your business in no time with our extensive selection of jobseekers.

The Perfect Match

Our advanced matching algorithm analyzes jobseeker data and compares it to your job requirements to create a list of ideal candidates.

The Power of Filters

HR Drone offers powerful filters to help you find the perfect match. Filter by skills, salary, specialty, location, and more to quickly and easily narrow down your search.

AI-Powered Job Descriptions Made Easy

With HR Drone’s new AI-powered text generator, recruiters can create job descriptions in just one click.

It’s time to finally stop

Reading through thousands of CVs

Settling for average candidates

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Instant Contact: Chat with Potential Hires

Communication is key when it comes to hiring the right candidate. Our chat feature allows recruiters to connect with jobseekers in real-time, making the process of finding and hiring talent more efficient.

Why choose HR Drone?

Large talent pool

Stop waiting for top talents to send theirs CVs to you. When did that ever happen? With our anonymous profiles, you can contact talent currently working in other companies who are open to new opportunities.

Save time

Stop wasting weeks profiling candidates and reading cover letters by yourself. Our revolutionary AI technology matches you with top talent in seconds. Start chatting with qualified candidates in one click.

Lower hiring cost

Stop buying ads to catch your prospect’s attention in places they’re not ready for it. Let your hiring team do more than spend hundreds of hours filtering CV-s, reading homework and hosting interviews.

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